Tea Picking (Piano Solo Version) 






Blue Stone of Atlas (Piano Solo Version) 







Music video for Proof of Life (Last Breath)

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Proof of Life (Last Breath) - Single



"The Sun and Stars ~Single Version~" in 2019








NEW ALBUM "II: Parallel World"


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2nd ALBUM "II"

Reached No.3 on the Amazon MP3 Pop charts in Japan.


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 WHAT (Japanese Learning Song III)



Noise was found in the song "Paint Your Heart" on the album"II".

The song was re-updated on SoundCloud.

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New Song "Misty Moon" (Japanese Children's song)

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THE 5th SINGLE "Happy Birthday"



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[Oct, 2018] "The Sun and Stars" reached No.3 on the Amazon Music R&B/Soul charts in Japan.

[Jan 29, 2018] "II" reached No.3 on the Amazon MP3 Pop charts in Japan.

[Aug 4, 2015] "Gray Wings" reached No.3 on the Amazon R&B/Soul charts in Japan

[Feb 7, 2013] "The Sun and Stars" reached No.2 on the Amazon R&B/Soul charts in USA. 

[Feb 2, 2013] "Paint Your Heart" reached No.1 on the Amazon R&B/Soul charts in Japan

[Jan 29, 2013] "Paint Your Heart" reached No.12on the Amazon R&B/Soul charts in Germany

[Nov 14, 2012] "Blue Stone of Atlas ~Japanese Version~" reached No.10 on the Amazon Soul/R&B charts in Japan.

[Sep 23, 2012] "The Sun and Stars" reached No. 1 on the Amazon Neo-Soul charts in Germany.

[Sep 9, 2012] "In Answer to Your Prayer" reached No. 20 on the Amazon Neo-Soul charts in USA.

[Sep 9, 2012] "The Sun and Stars" reached No.15 on the Amazon Neo-Soul charts in UK.